ServiceNode Service Management System
ServiceNode Service Management System
ServiceNode Service Management System

Appliance Repair Business Management System
Work Smart.

Appliance Repair Business Management System
Work Smart.

Field service management software created by major appliance service professionals.
Easy to use, affordable and powerful.

Efficient Workflow Solutions with Intuitive Design

About ServiceNode.Work

Key features of the ServiceNode business management system


ServiceNode is designed to optimize workflows, the heartbeat of every successful organization. Imagine a system that seamlessly provides your team with the right information and tools exactly when and where they need them. No more wasted time searching for crucial data or dealing with unnecessary frustration. ServiceNode streamlines your team's work processes, enabling them to accomplish tasks faster and with greater efficiency.


ServiceNode Field Service Management is the solution that goes wherever you go! Seamlessly managing your field service tasks from office computers, tablets, or smartphones, ServiceNode is the agile companion you need for productivity on the go. Experience the freedom to oversee and optimize your field service operations from any location. Whether you're at your desk streamlining a service route or on-site, performing repair work, ServiceNode adapts effortlessly to your preferred device


Enhance your customer experience with our Field Service Management software, equipped with a convenient Customer Portal. Your clients can now access and review their current and past work orders with ease, making it simple for them to keep track of their service history. Not only that, the Customer Portal also allows seamless invoice payments, providing a hassle-free way for your customers to settle their charges directly without including your team, boosting the productivity of your CSR team.


All features included for less than a daily coffee. Pay a fraction of the cost compared to other field service management software on the market. Rest assured, ServiceNode's impact generates additional job opportunities, ensuring it quickly pays for itself. Optimize your operations, boost productivity, and fuel growth with ServiceNode's efficient and cost-effective solution.


ServiceNode software simplifies appointment management with a single map displaying assignments by technicians and route order! Optimize routes swiftly, access appointment and work order details, and find crucial information at a glance. Know the whereabouts of each field team member, track tech progress, appointment confirmations, and completion status. Retrieve product, request, or invoice numbers effortlessly—all within the same user-friendly interface! Additionally, benefit from bulk appointment time and confirmation requests, streamlining your field service operations. It's all at your fingertips on the same interface!


Elevate your service business with our automated review requests, amplifying positive customer feedback and reinforcing your online presence. Skillfully target and rotate social review platforms, broadening your outreach and attracting prospective customers. Leverage the invaluable insights from customer feedback to enrich your reputation and drive new customer acquisition. We are committed to supporting your growth and success, ensuring your service business thrives in a competitive market. Let our powerful review management system be the catalyst for your continued excellence


Empower your team with essential customer and business data through ServiceNode. Field technicians, office personnel, and managers gain access to pertinent information while unnecessary clutter is filtered out. With customizable team roles, users can create and tailor roles to specific requirements, adjusting access privileges accordingly. Stay in control and ensure the right people have the right information at their fingertips, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. ServiceNode puts the power of data management in your hands


Stay seamlessly connected with our integrated system. ServiceNode establishes a link to Stripe for secure payment processing, QuickBooks for streamlined accounting, Twilio for efficient two-way customer communications, and Postmark for automated email management with tracking capabilities. With these powerful connections, your field service management becomes a unified platform, enhancing your team's productivity and ensuring smooth interactions with customers. Enjoy a fully integrated experience with ServiceNode's cutting-edge technology and extensive network of trusted partners.


Works on all devices!
No Contracts!
All Features Included!
Work Load Management
Map Appointments
Real-Time Service Dispatching
Custom Labor Charges
Custom Discounts
Custom SMS Templates
Company Cloud Server
Local Phone Number
Customize Member Access
Signature Capture
Social Marketing Tools
Customer Distribution Reports
Field Service Tech Reports
Inventory Management
Bulk SMS Communications
Email Communications
Field Service Team Tracking
Integrated Account Ledger
Field Tech Expense Logging
Control of Your Data
Email, Phone, & Chat Support
Integrates with QuickBooks
Customer Portal
Online Payments Portal
Appointment Confirmation

Field Service Management, your all-in-one service management system designed for small to medium-sized service companies. Created by Appliance repair professionals, it's tailored to deliver effective, optimized, and profitable field service business operations. Gain unmatched control over your customer, job, and company data with our multi-tiered access levels. From service managers to field technicians and phone receptionists, you dictate who can access vital information. With comprehensive activity logs, performance reports, and real-time GPS location tracking for field technicians, you'll have a holistic view of your company's staff activities and productivity. Embrace streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency with as your trusted partner.

ServiceNode Field Service Management


  • Month to Month
    (No Contracts!)
    Your success is our daily commitment!
  • Private Data Server Included
  • Private Email Server Included
  • Dedicated Phone Number Included
  • Customer Portal Included
  • SMS Messaging Included
  • Email Invoicing Included
  • All Features Included
  • Data migration and website development services available on a consultation basis.
  • $120

    Up to 4 Team Members
    (+40 for additional Members)
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